Are There Pre-Existing Conditions on Obamacare Health Insurance Policies?

Are There Pre-Existing Conditions on Obamacare Health Insurance Policies Or Riders Or Waivers?

For many years in the past, those who have had certain types of adverse health conditions have had to pay more in premium for their health insurance – and in some cases, these individuals have been declined for coverage altogether. Unfortunately, this has made treating their illnesses even more difficult – and much more costly – without the financial assistance of insurance. The coverage under Obamacare, however, is mandating some very important changes in that area.

Starting this year (2014), Obamacare is eliminating the pre-existing condition exclusion on certain health insurance plans. What this means is that those who have a pre-existing health issue cannot be denied for health insurance coverage, nor can they be charged more in premium for their policy. In addition, health insurance companies will not be able to drop a policy holder when they are sick, or even if they make an honest mistake on their application for coverage.

Unlike in the past, the new health care legislation has also mandated that health insurance companies cannot charge females more than they charge males on certain types of coverage, and it has added a number of new – and cost free – wellness and preventive services that must be automatically included with all health insurance policies that begin after 2014.

Because of this new legislation, it is hoped that Americans will be in a better position in terms of health care – both physically and financially. Certainly one primary goal of allowing those with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance coverage is to help with obtaining the proper medical care. The other is to help them in preventing financial collapse – especially as roughly 60 percent of bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical issues.

It is important to note that through the new health care reform legislation, all Americans (with just a few exceptions) will be required to have health insurance coverage. Those who do not will be required to pay a monetary penalty.

Other Important Considerations for Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

For those who have pre-existing health conditions – as well as those who are currently in good health – Obamacare has brought with it even more good news when it comes to health care coverage. For example, insurance carriers can no longer place either a lifetime limit or an annual dollar amount limit on Essential Health Benefits. This means that there can no longer be limits on preventions, screenings, and treatments for many life threatening illnesses such as cancer.

In addition, all health insurance plans are now required to cover free wellness and preventive services. Because of this, more people will be able to detect potential diseases early and in turn, they may begin early treatment, essentially helping to stop or better manage the illness going forward. This alone can help in saving or prolonging countless numbers of lives.

From a financial standpoint, Obamacare is also making available tax subsidies for those who earn less than 400 percent of the Federal poverty level. While this is geared more towards a monetary issue, it could essentially help those who have pre-existing conditions – who would never before been able to afford health insurance coverage – to now obtain the coverage that they need.

Ensuring that Your Health Insurance Plan Qualifies

In ensuring that the health insurance plan you are considering qualifies for the pre-existing condition exclusion, it is important to note that the benefits and protections that are offered to those who have pre-existing conditions will only apply to those policies that comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Obtaining Affordable Health Insurance Today

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Should you find that you have any questions regarding health insurance policies, coverage, applications, or quotes, please feel free to give us a call. We have health insurance experts who are standing by who are happy to address any question or concern that you may have. You can contact us directly, toll-free at 864-491-5785. We understand that the new health care reform and all of its new regulations can be a bit confusing – so we are here to help. We want to ensure that you obtain the best health insurance coverage that will fit your specific needs.

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